The loser warning signs dating

He was unconscious for two days and hospitalized for eight. Required to wear these monitors for a while,” Harper tweeted Tuesday, a day after announcing that he had a heart attack two weeks ago.Heart attacks are caused by a diminished supply of blood to the heart muscle.To me, this says, “I don’t really give a $^#% about you, or what you think.

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He obviously doesn’t think there is anything wrong with that and with the right situation to piss him off, he’s like an atom bomb waiting to explode. It doesn’t really have anything to do with YOU, personally.

Just make sure that you’re not around to reap the repercussions. A girlfriend = guaranteed sex, and that’s about it. 😀 If you see how some dude dogged females in the past, PLEASE use that information to make educated decisions about messing with him or trying to be his girlfriend.

“When that gruel interacts with blood, there is a clot formation right away,” he said.

Oxygen is cut off, the electrical rhythms that control pumping action go out of control, and the heart stops. Edmundowicz said that he had no specific information about Harper’s case, but that from published reports he appeared to fit this general pattern.

Others – age, gender, race, family history – cannot. He also has said that his mother died of a heart attack.

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